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Hello and welcome to my commission carrd. Here you will find all the information you need regarding commission status, prices, queue and FAQ. If you have any questions, you are welcome to shoot me a message!Thank you for visiting!

current commission status: CLOSED - REOPENING MID-FEB

disclaimer: The content may be inappropriate to view in some situations. Posts may contain mature, explicit images, and references. Viewers must be 18+

for illustrative works and tattoos, please visit here.

example works


NSFW work is charged on top of the base price of my normal (SFW) commissions. Light NSFW (such as partial nudity, mildly suggestive themes, tasteful composition) are charged at 35% and heavy NSFW (such as scenes showing intercourse, genitalia etc.) are charged at 50%. If you're unsure which your commission request slots into more, feel free to send me an email so we can chat!Here are some examples of my NSFW art:


Commission prices range depending on the level of detail.Please keep in mind that certain things are subject to additional fees this includes but is not limited to: complex designs, additional characters, mounts, backgrounds and NSFW.Prices stated are starting from and for single characters only.Please keep in mind that I am a UK artist, therefore prices are in GBP - you will need to convert to your own currency to get an accurate price for your country!Please note: I do not work from written descriptions. You will be asked to provide clear references of your character.

current commission status: CLOSED - REOPENING MID-FEB

Maximum Character Count: 2
Additional Character/Mount or Pet Cost: +70% of the base.
Optional Background/Light NSFW Cost: +35% of the base.
Heavy NSFW Cost: +50% of the base.
Please note that characters with intricate details, such as excessive jewelry, detailed armor etc. will also incur an additional fee.


£200 per day.

Experimental pieces give me full artistic freedom. You're welcome to provide the subject and the theme; I will create something for you and have fun with it by having full freedom to create from start to finish with trust. The style of work is completely random, and the number of days spent on it will determine how much detail I go into the piece.
A sketch will be provided prior to completion, once the sketch has been confirmed, there will be no further revisions.
Price is for one subject, a simple background (flat colour or suggestive lines) & floral elements of choice.

^^ one days work ^^

^^ three days work ^^

^^ two days work ^^

^^ four days work ^^


Busts only: £300

Fully colored illustration of your character with a floral elements implemented.- a sketch will be provided to confirm initial composition and a final chance for revisions will be provided at the line work stage.


Hello! My name is Sarah, and I am a freelance illustrator based in the UK. I specialise in creating illustrative works focused on the themes of fantasy, flora and fauna.Illustrating is my full time job, but I have recently been dipping my toe into more human focused work - and since I spend a lot of my free time playing FFXIV, I tend to draw a lot of art revolved around that, which is why this little carrd exists!If you would like to see my main art site, are interested in hiring me for my professional work, and learn a little more about me - you can head on over here to my website. or alternatively my Twitter


To place an order, please fill out the form below. Forms are checked regularly and commissions are chosen on personal interest in the concept and project as opposed to first come, first serve.CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE COMMISSION FORM!If you are interested in commissioning me or have any questions, please reach out to me via my business email below:Email: [email protected]

Response time on average is 24 hours, but please allow up to 3 days in case of backlog or if I am out of office!

further info

What I will draw:• All FFXIV races
• Creatures, mounts, pets
• Light Blood and gore
• Macabre scenes
• Floral themes
• Light (tasteful) NSFW

What I won't draw:• Backgrounds (I have little confidence in backgrounds. Anything requiring a complex background will incur a fee and is purely experimental)
• NSFW Lalafell
• Heavy NSFW
• Excessive blood and gore
• Furry / Anthropomorphic

Maximum Character Count: 2
Additional Character/Mount or Pet Cost: +70% of the base.
Optional Background/Light NSFW Cost: +35% of the base.
Heavy NSFW Cost: +50% of the base.
Please note that characters with intricate details, such as excessive jewelry, detailed armor etc. will also incur an additional fee.

terms of service

a. By transferring payment it is understood that you agree to these terms of service.
b. These Terms of Service are relevant to non-commercial projects. They are subject to revising, editing, additions and subtractions without notice. If you are interested in a commission, please be sure that you are up to date with this ToS at the time of ordering.c. I retain the right to make exceptions/refusals at my own discretion.2. PAYMENT & REFUNDS
a. Payment is taken up front and in full via P-Pal invoice. All prices will be in GBP. Do not order a commission if you are unable to commit; eg, no character references, lack of funds, other money issues, etc.
b. Commissions that cost over £200 have an option to be charged in two instalments: 50% of the total price prior to the commencement of any work, and the outstanding balance prior to beginning any coloured or final processes.c. Clients get a full refund if:
• The commission is cancelled for personal reasons.
• They cancel the commission before I started working.
d. A partial refund will be offered (approximate to the work already complete) if the client cancels before the line art stage.e. Once the sketch has been confirmed and work has begun of finalizing the commission, no full refunds will be issued. After the line art stage, no refunds will be issued.f. The artist reserves the right to cancel and to refund a commission at any given time for any reason, including rude or inappropriate/pushy behavior, harassment, the inability to communicate in effective English, or failure to communicate at all for an extended period of time.g. Commissioners do not have permission to repost any WIPs/progress images of cancelled commissions in their galleries. They also do not have permission to pay someone to complete the image or to complete it themselves. The artist retains all rights to WIPs of cancelled work and may recycle them as they wish.3. EDITS & REVISIONS
a. Large revisions (changing the entire pose, background, etc) will not be made past the sketch stage. The sketch stage is the uncoloured draft of the custom piece that is approved by the commissioner.
b. Mistakes, serious diversions or omissions from the agreed-upon character reference occurring by the fault of the artist, will be corrected by the artist at any stage.c. If a mistake is made because the reference image was not clear, the reference was outdated, or the relevant information was not provided, then the artist is not at fault and any request to correct it may incur a fee.d. If a mistake was made because the commissioner did not clearly state which elements/poses/etc they wanted before the image was completed, then the artist is not at fault and any request to correct it may incur a fee. The artist asks that commissioners keep this in mind if they have a specific idea they want drawn.e. If edits are required, the commissioner must let the artist know as soon as possible.f. Minor adjustments can be made at no additional charge, however there will be a limit to such edits before a fee would be required.g. The limit for free minor adjustments is 3. Any more than this will incur a fee of £10 per amendment. Please note down all adjustments you want made in one email.4. IMAGE RIGHTS
a. The artist retains the right to display any commissioned work on any personal gallery. The commissioner can request that their name be withheld and the commission marked as private if they wish.
b. If the commissioner would like the entirety of their commission to be marked private and withheld from being uploaded online, there will be a £50 fee incurred.c. The artist retains all rights to any commissions produced, including concepts and sketches. This includes the rights to make prints and merchandise - in the case of commissioned work and original characters, permission would be sought from the commissioner beforehand.d. Neither the commissioner or any other persons may alter the artwork without permission. In accordance to that, I do not provide the working file for use.e. Any characters depicted will remain under full ownership of their owners, but the copyright of the image itself belongs to the artist.f. The commissioner may ask for permission to repost the image to their own gallery, credit and a link back to my social media or website is kindly asked.g. Commissioners can also use the commission for personal, non-commercial purposes such as icons/etc, so long as proper credit is given.5. DEADLINES AND UPDATES
a. The artist aims to complete commissions within two months from starting. The commissioner will be informed of any delays specific to their work.
b. Any deadlines must be discussed while ordering. Deadlines brought up after payment cannot be guaranteed and the artist has the right to refuse them.c. The artist aims to keep clients up to date on their commission status whenever an update is available or any issues have arisen. The commissioner is free to inquire about updates, however please do not ask for updates several times a week.

The commissioner must read, understand and agree to all the above terms before entering into an agreement with the artist. By sending payment, the commissioner automatically agrees to the above terms. Violation of these terms may result in being added to a blacklist and refused future commissions.